Why Choose Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient energy healing system suitable for modern times. Simple and effective, it can be learned easily in several hours and is useful for a lifetime. Clinical studies have established its effectiveness for stress reduction, improved immunity, pain relief, and as an adjunct therapy for recovering heart patients.

            Reiki can promote harmony, energy, balance and health among other benefits. On an individual level, just as our bodies carry within most of its cells the blueprint for our physical bodies (our DNA), our psyches carry within them a schematic for the energetic fields that are generated by and surround our bodies. Just as our physical bodies can become disordered by any number of mechanisms, so can our energetic bodies, and often a disorder in one can be mirrored or extend into the other. Physicians are trained to be sensitive to the signs that signal a disorder of the physical body and to know what to do about it; the Reiki practitioner has trained to become sensitive to the signs that signal a disorder in the energetic body and to know what to do about it. The difference between a good response to the therapy your physician has prescribed and a bad one may often be found here. Likewise, physical symptoms for which your doctor cannot find a physical cause may well be the reflection of a disorder in the energetic body. It is the job of the energy therapist to help you find and fix your energetic body.